NSW Networks Civil construction logo


NSW Networks is one of the companies working on the Federal Government’s National Broadband Network scheme. This project sees optic fibre cable and HFC hauling to every home and commercial premise in Australia.

NSW Networks has been conducting cable hauling, and site management for this project in many areas in NSW, including densely populated inner city suburbs of Sydney. 

We have completed complex cable hauls that eliminate the need for a new build. 

We have capabilities across:

  • All sized optic fibre cables 
  • HFC, CX50 and CX75
  • All sized copper cable
  • Internal cabling 
  • Sub duct


  • ACMA Open Cable Registration
  • ICTCBL207: Haul underground cable
  • ICTCBL308: Install underground cable 
  • Height Safety Supervisor:
    • PUAFIR215: Prevent injury
    • PUAEME001B: Provide emergency care
    • PUASAR0228: Participate in a rescue operation 
    • RIIRIS201D: Conduct local risk constrol
    • RIIWHS204D: Work safely at heights
  • RIIWHS202D: Enter and work in Confined Space
  • MSMWHS217: Gas test atmospheres