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Providing a full turnkey solution, NSW Networks’ fibre splicing, and testing capabilities allows us to provide a quick turnaround on projects and fast and effective connection to telecommunication networks.


Our capabilities include:


Fibre to the Node (FTTN)

  • Basic cable installation and testing 
  • Jumpering 
  • Exchange
  • Node
  • Pillar
  • MDF and IDF
  • VDSL batch jumpering
  • Jumper removal
  • Installing and replacing internal cable, central filter and socket
  • End user and MDU works
  • Installing new/replacing existing copper joint enclosures (2-200 pair)
  • Transfer copper pair (pillar to joint)
  • Identify and remove bridge taps
  • Line conditioning

Wide band

  • SAT
  • Fibre splicing and testing
  • Equipment install


  • Basic cable installation and testing
  • OMMA and MIMA technologies
  • MIMA drops
  • Aerial
  • Underground


  • Survey
  • Validation
  • DPU integration
  • Copper cut in and extensions
  • Fibre splicing and testing



Building to TIA-942, AS/NZS 3084, ISO/IEC 14763 where required, our capabilities and expertise cross the network boundary, having constructed/deployed in building infrastructure for carriers, ISP’s and cloud operators alike paying close attention to the importance of their network ecosystem.

Our technicians utilise ISO 9001 & the most recent industry standards when deploying internal network infrastructure, we monitor execute and control our projects until project closure.

Our capabilities include:

  • Colocation room/rack build
  • External to internal pathway infrastructure build
  • Horizontal & vertical cable tray/trough pathway & supports installation build
  • Rack readiness, cable management, rails, earthing, and grounding
  • Rack commissioning
  • Cable haul and installation to specific client needs



  • PLI-16-445: NBN Fibre Splicer:
    • ICTBWN302: Install optical fibre splitters in fibre distribution hubs
    • ICTCBL208: Splice and terminate optical fibre cable for carriers and services providers
    • ICTCBL316: Install ribbon fibre cable in the FTTX distribution network
    • ICTTEN311: Inspect, clean and handle optical fibre cable and connectors 
  • ICTCBL301: Install, terminate and certify structured cabling installation 
  • Telstra Tunnel Access
  • Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC) Technician